ARTTIC Innovation

ARTTIC Innovation GmbH was founded in 2020 as spin-off from ARTTIC SAS, a successful consulting company in the field of research & development. In almost 33 years of company history, ARTTIC has managed more than 400 collaborative projects – from the EU Research Framework Programme 2 to the Horizon Europe programme. The expertise of ARTTIC Innovation GmbH is based on this long-standing experience. ARTTIC Innovation is part of the PNO Group, one of the largest consulting companies for publicly funded research and innovation projects.

Competence relevant to FLEX4H2

The service offer of ARTTIC Innovation GmbH comprises provision of hands-on support, strategic consulting, and added value services all along the innovation life cycle. As a project partner, we support Consortia at all points of the innovation process and thus bring value towards the successful implementation of the project. ARTTIC Innovation GmbH supports the projects’ administration, facilitates the collaboration between project partners and ensures the projects’ compliance with formal requirements. Furthermore, we support Consortia in the communication and dissemination of the projects’ results. For this we share our technical know-how, our tools and our project management and science communication expertise.

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